Kaya, I’m Tahn one of the original founders of Deadly Divas Clothing back in July 2011.

My mob are Wardandi of the Noongar People in the Southwest of WA. My family is close and we look out for each other and encourage each other, but we also have a lot of fun together. I got married in Perth in the mid 90’s and we still live in Perth today. I spent quite a few years living in regional WA and some time in NSW with work. These days I love to get back home to Busselton as much as I can to soak it all up.

I have worked in a lot of different industries and fields which has exposed me to some of the best that WA has to offer. At different times I have worked in hospitality & tourism, retail fashion, driven trucks and other farming jobs, before I started developing employment strategies, policies and training programs. I have always had a dream of starting my own business now I can say I have started living that dream, I still work in paid employment a few days a week, but I am now on a path to learn and grow my company.

I guess a lot of people ask how Deadly Divas Clothing came about, well, from a young age I would often draw different designs and dreaming about the garments. Today, the more I learn about the fashion industry the more I admire the skilled, creative, brave, passionate people that make up the industry. The most important thing for me with Deadly Divas Clothing is to tell the story of the land and people. I want to use my fabric designs to increase people’s awareness and respect for people, culture and country.   By the use of my art in simple garments I offer all ‘Deadly Divas’ out there the ability to style up their own way, we should celebrate individuality and style.

When I turned 40 I took myself on a bush survival course to make sure I could be in the bush alone and safe. Now I have spent a few weeks walking across the Pilbara and Southwest WA, I know my strengths and weaknesses but also I know that country and culture are my artistic inspiration and passion.

My ‘Deadly’ Vision: To increase the level of respect for people, culture and country.

Deadly Divas Clothing is about celebrating the individual, our customers know who they are and are confident in themselves. They are people who seek out something different.

To offer a truly original product Deadly Divas Clothing offer original art works and design of all products. In the future the company would like to work with other Aboriginal and Torres Strait artists.

Deadly Diva Clothing is currently developing 2015/16 range that will offer items to Diva up your wardrobe and some key items to turn you to a complete Deadly Diva, head to toe.

The new design reflects my time in the bush and on the land. A little bit of Deadly Divas colour will be offered in 2015/16 complementing the current black and white “Us” design.

“Our Time, Our Way, for everyone today”